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From: Eric Edgemont

Dear Friend,

First dates can be really frustrating.  You want to make a good impression on her, and hopefully turn her into your girlfriend, but sometimes it seems like the whole system is rigged against you!

As the man, we're supposed to take a woman out, pay for her, be a gentleman, and then (if we're lucky) get a good night kiss at the end of the date.  That's how it's supposed to work, right?


If that's how it's supposed to work, then why doesn't it work?  Why is it that women seem to have more fun on dates with jerks who never act like a gentleman, and who rarely pay for anything (in fact, she seems happy to buy his dinners)?

Have you ever come home from a date... frustrated... asking yourself why dating is so hard and confusing.  Well then listen up, because I have good news.  It's actually not your fault, because...

You've Been Lied To About How To Have A First Date That Actually WORKS!

What if I told you that you've been taught the wrong way to go about having your first date with a woman?  What if, for less than $20, you could take a woman out for a quick first date, and she'd be eager to see you again (so eager, she might even be willing to come home with you that night)?

Here's what this is all about:  My name is Eric Edgemont, and I've created a smoking hot set of videos that will teach you all my secrets for having an amazing first date with any woman - doing it with confidence - and spending less than 20 bucks for the whole date.

I created these videos, because I remember how frustrating it used to be for ME.  You see, I know how you feel when you go on a date.  You're nervous, and you're not sure what to do to make a good impression on her.  You want things to go well, and you want to know how to turn her into your girlfriend, but you're not sure how to make it happen.

If this sounds like you, then let me ask you a few questions:

Would you like to be able to go on a first date with any woman, and be 100% confident that you know exactly what to do?

Would you like to have her actually campaigning to be your girlfriend?

Wouldn't it be great if you knew for sure that you could have her in bed with you by the 2nd or 3rd date?

I thought so. And that's why you're going to love what I'm about to show you, but first, let me answer the obvious question:

Why Should You Listen To Me? What Makes 
Me Such An Expert On First Dates?

The answer is simple... because I used to be in your shoes. I used to get so anxious when I'd meet a new girl, get my hopes up, and then trip all over myself on that crucial first date... only to never hear from her again.

I hated it when that happened!  Wouldn't you?  After it happened enough times, I started to ask myself some very serious questions:

  • Why is it that women never called me back after the first date?

  • Why is it that some guys could easily get women into bed on the first or second date, but I had to wait forever?

  • What was I doing wrong?

  • Is there something wrong with me?

Have you ever felt like that?  Have you ever felt like everyone else knows the secret to having a great time on dates, except you?  Me too! Believe me, I've been there, and after years of struggling...

...I Finally Figured Out The Secrets To Having A Fantastic First Date, Without Spending A Lot Of Money, Without Kissing Her Ass, And Without Trying To Act Like Someone I'm Not!

Ever since I stumbled upon these secrets years ago, my love life has been a breeze.  I never worry about women anymore, because I know that I can always get a girlfriend in a matter of days.

Every one of my first dates goes extremely well, and almost always leads to us having sex by the 2nd or 3rd date.  This isn't dumb luck either.  It works like this every time, and with every woman (well, almost every woman... there are always one or two ice queens who'd rather have a lousy time to justify their views on men, but who wants them anyway?)

These techniques and strategies have been field tested, and proven to work.  I'll teach you everything you need to know in order to have all your first dates go smoothly from now on.  You'll never have to worry about feeling awkward, and unsure of yourself again.  From this point on, you'll know exactly what to do on that crucial first date in order to get the girl.

I've put all my secrets into two videos that you can get access to over the Internet right away.


"First Date Mastery - Secrets Of A Successful First Date"

A Set Of True "Underground" Videos That Reveals Every Single Tip, Tactic And Secret For Having An Amazing First Date With Any Woman (for under 20 bucks) - Guaranteed!

Here's What These Amazing Videos Will Teach You...

An easy-to-follow template for what to say to her. Use this, and you'll know exactly what to say from the moment she arrives.

The #1 "dead giveaway" sign that will tell you if she's interesting in seeing you again, or not.  Hint: most guys never pick up on this, which is why they waste a lot of energy going after a woman who doesn't want to be with them.

The single biggest mistake guys make on the first date that causes her to instantly lose respect for him.

5 ways to transform yourself into a new "high value" man who women are irresistibly attracted to. (number 5 will shock you, and leave you shaking your head wondering why you didn't think of this before).

The single most attractive quality you can possess that will make her crave you. Hint: you already have this quality. You just need to learn the secret in "principal #1" to bring it out.

My proven 'first date phase shift' technique that will make her feel like she's known you for a long time.  Hint: this is my #1 secret for getting women into bed by the 2nd or 3rd date!

The two most important "signals" you must give her in the first ten minutes of the date (and why she will run in the opposite direction if you forget to do them).  Hint: it has nothing to do with what you actually say to her - it's what you don't say!

The best time to kiss her on the first date!  Hint: it's not at the end.

The #1 mistake you're already making that will make her not want to go on a 2nd date with you (and why correcting these errors is like putting a rocket booster on her level of attraction for you).

Revealed: My top secret conversation routine that forces her to see you in a sexual light (this one piece alone is worth 10 times more than the cost of these videos)!

My magical "x-ray vision question" that will instantly tell you if she wants to go on a 2nd date with you, or not (think of how much effort and frustration you'll save yourself by discovering the truth).

My proven secret for getting her to agree to a 2nd date!  Hint: you don't have to wait until the date is over to get her to commit to seeing you again.

3 conversation topics you must avoid.  If you start talking about any one of these, she'll quickly label you as "just another average, boring guy".

Conversation generation secrets - how to have an unlimited amount of stuff to talk about intelligently.  You'll never be lost for words again!

The single best conversation topic you could talk about on the date, and why keeping it focused on this one topic is the key to amplifying her attraction for you!

A simple way you can make yourself more interesting.  Hint: it only takes 10 minutes of preparation before she arrives at the date. 

And so much more!

WOW! All That From These Two Videos? 

Actually... YES! When you see with your own eyes how differently women respond to you the moment you start using these tools, you'll be convinced.

Also, here's another unexpected side benefit. Don't be surprised if women start paying more attention to you wherever you go (an interesting side benefit of having the explosive confidence that comes from finally knowing how to go on dates with women.)

Now, I realize that you might be skeptical. You might even be saying to yourself...

"This Sounds Great, But Are You
Sure This Will Work For Me?"

Absolutely. All you have to do is use the tools that I give you in these special videos, and you'll have the best possible chance at making her enthusiastic about seeing you again.

Once you follow the simple instructions in these videos, you be able to confidently take any woman on a first date, because you'll know exactly what to do. You won't have to wait weeks or months to master this material either.  You can get all the information in less than an hour.

Whether you want to start a quality relationship with that one special girl, or you want to use these tools to finally get her into bed, the information contained in these life changing videos will show you how to make it happen.

And I guarantee that, regardless of how much experience you have with women, you will be able to make it happen.

At this point, you're probably thinking...

"Wow! This Sounds Great, Eric!
How Much Does It Cost?"

How much? Cheap. Having the satisfaction and happiness from being able to confidently take any woman on a date is a pretty big deal, and you really can't afford to try to figure this out on your own.

Isn't that what you've been doing all this time? It doesn't work, does it? That's like trying to drive from one end of the country to the other. Sure, you could do it without any help, but you'd get there a hell of a lot faster if you just use a map!

And that's what this report is... a proven, detailed, "hold-your-hand-the-entire-way roadmap" that will show you exactly how to from the moment your first date begins, until the moment it ends.  Listen, you need to learn from someone who's already done what you want to do.  I have done it... MANY times.

So how much? Believe it or not, you can get your hands on this amazing insider's guide for only $149.99 (no way... because you're one of my readers, you can get your hands on it for only $19.97 - that's over 86% OFF of what everyone else has to pay!) Think about it... that's less than you'd pay for a cheap date that goes absolutely nowhere!

  • How much is it worth to you to have the steel-eyed confidence of a man who knows he can win any woman over with just one, simple date?

  • How excited are you going to be when you finally start having successful dates with the women of your choice?

  • What price could you put on the ability to make any woman want to be with you after only one date, while other guys shake their heads and wonder what your secret is?

Doesn't it make sense to invest a few bucks to make all that happen? Of course it does! And guess what, I've got even more exciting news for you:

Order Today And You'll Also Get
This Amazing FREE Bonus!

Free Bonus Gift - My Top Secret 
'First Date Flowchart'

In this special bonus, you'll get my secret document that you can keep in your pocket for quick reference on any first date.

This flowchart makes it super easy to know exactly what to do next.  You can quickly refer to it in the bathroom if you get stuck for what to do next.

And if you act fast...

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It's not a lot of money, either. How many times have you wasted fifty bucks on something that didn't make any difference in your life whatsoever?

I am so confident that you're going to love these videos, that I'm taking ALL the risk and putting it on my shoulders. If I don't deliver on my promises, you can get your money back. How much more fair can I get?

Remember, this offer could be pulled at any moment, so if you're even just a little curious about this works... you'd better jump on this right now.

"Okay Eric, I'm Convinced. I Want Those Videos! What Do I Do Now?"

It's easy to order. All you need to do is click the link below, which will take you to the order page, and then you just go from there. The whole process only takes a minute or two.

And the best part is... as soon as you place your order, you'll immediately be taken to a special web page where you can watch the videos online right away.  Plus, you can come back to that page anytime you want, and watch them again and again.

Go ahead and click the order link below, and see what all the fuss is about. You'll get instant access to both videos, and the bonus flowchart... even if it's 3 in the morning.


YES Eric! - I Want to Secure My Copy of "First Date Mastery" Right NOW!

I'm ready to learn all your secrets for having an amazing first date with any woman!  I understand that I'm getting this at a limited time discounted price, and I'm ready to buy the course right now.

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Eric Edgemont

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